The Assinder International methodology delivers the techniques and training for Organisations to successfully manage Programmes, Projects and launch New Products, on time, within the budgeted costs, and fulfilling the quality and performance targets.  

The AI philosophy recognises that all functions of a matrix organisation contribute and are vital to the success of Projects and New Products, and that setting and maintaining the key time milestones with clear ownership and transparent reporting, is fundamental to on time delivery and exceeding Customer  expectations.

The simple techniques:

•instil a disciplined process throughout the organisation that focuses on conspicuous tracking and objective reporting of the progress and costs;

•establish ownership of project deliverables and costs by all team members and contributors;

•unleash an infectious passion for New Product success;

•highlight and force the earliest resolution of problems and concerns, avoiding a blame culture;

•strengthen the culture of teamwork and a forward focus across the organisation;

•provide senior management with a regular audit of functional performance;

•objectively measure performance and continually build on Best Practice;

•drive from start not end dates, releasing slack from day one.

The resulting business benefits include:

•reduced costs from time (typically 25-30%) and resource (up to 30%) savings;

•released resources available for additional projects and improving quality;

•improved Customer satisfaction and Customer management;

•continually measuring and enhancing process robustness;

•benchmarking of  multisite organisations, to identify and transfer Best Practice;

•optimised standard procedures giving better planning and improving efficiency;

•a competitive advantage from class leading, and continually improving launches.

The methodology encompasses all issues impacting Projects and New Product Introduction, both within and external to the organisation. It spans the entire process from concept to production release..  It is equally applicable to post launch cost reduction activities and all projects within the organisation.  It has been successfully employed in many business areas including the very demanding Global Automotive and Aerospace tier one sectors, and for many products, including hardware and software.

The implementation is tailored to the organisation and delivered in a hands-on coaching and mentoring style, often combined with interim management.  It is not software dependant, and is configured according to the preferences and existing business systems of the client.


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