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Assinder International is a consultancy which provides organisations with the techniques, tools and training to drive, measure and continuously improve their Project and New Product Introduction Processes.

The NPI philosophy and techniques were developed over many years in the Automotive tier one sector, where the business consequences of delaying a Global OEM’s new model launch are inconceivable, while the expectation is for continuous cost and time scale reduction, and quality improvement.

The global competition and open books costing of this sector results in low margins which must be protected and enhanced during the product launch and serial production to ensure lifetime product profitability, so cost control is a fundamental criterion of the process.  

The Assinder International (AI) methodology is to establish an understanding of the philosophy and process with senior management and then all organisation staff who are involved in the process, and then to define their respective responsibilities and obligations.  The process techniques and details are then installed in line with the existing organisation systems and formats whilst training the nominated administrator and the selected pilot project team.  No specialist staff or software is required.

This bespoke realisation of the techniques within the organisation ensures ownership and a ‘home grown’ appeal and familiarity. It rapidly becomes a way of life, unleashing enthusiasm and heralding project and new product launches as the life blood of the organisation’s future.

Training and support continues until all the NPI Process components are in place and functional.

Andy Assinder has been involved with product development and project and contract management for over 30 years, and specifically with the NPI process since 1992 when he was introduced to it in the USA, prior to establishing the process in the UK Automotive operation of Britax Vision Systems, in his role as the Technical and Commercial Director.  In 1996 he joined the Britax Global Staff with a remit to drive standardisation of product development and launch processes across the worldwide operations.  The NPI process was fundamental in this, and its value is recognised by customers and third party auditors.

He is a Mechanical Engineer with a unique combination of commercial, business management and people skills developed in large and medium size companies and global groups, predominantly in the automotive tier one and public sectors, with extensive experience in North America and Europe. 

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